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A big thank you for the generous donations to support our most vulnerable students

Posted on: 29/10/2020

We would like to say a big thank you to Ms Carola Chataway for the generous donation of £600 towards the purchase of Chromebooks to support our most vulnerable students. Carola is the mother-in-law of Mrs Georgia Chataway who previously supported the Psychology Service at Capital during a counselling placement. She was thoroughly impressed by the students and staff at Capital and spoke so fondly about the school that her mother-in-law was inspired to offer a donation.

Reflecting on her experience, Georgia said, “The students I worked with have left a long-lasting impression on me. Even when faced with very real challenges, it was inspiring to see their commitment to trying to overcome them with grace and dignity, learning how to take care of themselves and live life with authenticity.”

“Working with the pastoral team, I was struck by their integrity, commitment and determination to support students and their families. By all staff, I was welcomed, appreciated, greeted warmly and included in the Capital City Academy team. The staff at the school go over and above what is expected of teachers, driven by a true vocation to expand the horizons of young people and help them aspire to a bright future.” 

Georgia’s mother-in-law, who is herself an ex-family therapist, kindly offered her donation to support our most vulnerable students saying, “In this difficult year, particularly for young people and their families, I hope this will make a small difference in my family’s local school, and comes with sincere good wishes to you all."

On hearing the news that the Government is providing laptops for schools, we were contacted by an elderly gentleman who attended the old Willesden County Grammar School between 1945-1950.  Wishing to make a contribution to our school, he has very kindly donated the money for the cost of a laptop to enable a Year 11 student to succeed in their GCSE studies who otherwise may struggle without one. After leaving Willesden County Grammar School, the gentleman led a very successful career in advertising and he had so many inspiring stories to tell. We thank him wholeheartedly as a school for his kind generosity.