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Posted on: 30/09/2020

We have had a very busy and exciting start to the year in the Capital Classroom. We have missed our students terribly and staff have been working very hard to ensure that we were ready to welcome all our students back.

In July, we had a variety of training sessions to ascertain the crucial aspects of our practice we had to focus on. Not having been able to teach our students in the usual classroom setting means that a lot of our work at the beginning of the year was focused on discovering what has been learnt in the period of time that students have been learning from home. We want to make sure that before moving on with new content and skills, we evaluate how well students have assimilated what we taught them during lockdown through our Online Learning programme.

Curriculum Area Leaders have been working hard with their teams to re-establish the curriculum and to devise appropriate models to move our students forward. This includes planning and delivering the Moving Forward sessions that our KS4 students have at the end of the day. These will help gain back some of the time when students could not be taught in person.

September saw the second edition of The Capital Classroom conference, which included sharing good practice from different curriculum areas on retrieval practice and metacognition, how to support literacy and the launch of our new Numeracy Strategy.

The main aim of our lessons this half term and beyond is to help students re-establish the routines and expectations that might have been lost during these months, reconnect with their learning, and develop their literacy skills further. We want students to become aware of how they learn and to build on the work we have been doing to improve our Formative Assessment so we respond effectively to the needs of each and every student.

We will achieve this by working in Teaching and Learning Communities for the second year running; this is a space that allows teachers and teaching assistants to discuss their practice, listen to colleagues’ feedback and explore a range of strategies to improve their teaching. We are looking forward to receiving students’ feedback on how we implement some aspects of the programme as we believe that students' views are highly valuable in making us better teachers.

Last but not least, our PSHE curriculum has been adapted to address some issues that might have arisen during the lockdown period; this will enhance students' understanding of the pandemic and will continue to support their well-being and mental health.

We are so happy to be back teaching our fantastic students in person again and we cannot wait to see how this year unfolds in all of our Capital Classrooms.

N Ribas

Vice Principal

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