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Valentines Day Prom Fundraiser

Posted on: 14/02/2020

A massive thank you to everyone that contributed to raising funds for the Year 11 Prom!

Students and staff of the Year 11 Prom Committee have been working tirelessly to organise a variety of fundraising events in the Academy. Being the week of ‘Love’ and Valentine's Day before half term, a large number of staff made contributions through purchasing hot chocolates and heart shaped doughnuts as an anonymous act of kindness for each other.

Ms Ahmed and the Prom committee, worked extremely hard to make sure that homemade hot chocolate and doughnuts were provided for those members of staff. Students and staff also wore trainers that had either pink or red on them (including laces) and made donations towards the prom event.

Thanks again to everyone that took part in the event!

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