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Meet some of our top performing students and read about how they succeed

Posted on: 12/02/2020

Tarek L, Year 13

Being a procrastinator extraordinaire made it quite difficult for me to manage my school work. I was repeatedly behind in class due to not finishing my homework or not doing it in the first place, but I really wanted to dedicate myself to my studies knowing that I had the biggest exams of my life swiftly approaching.

After hours of struggling to force myself to do work and completely failing, I sought the help of both my teachers and friends to try and figure out how I could be more motivated when it came to school work. My teachers had taught me for several years and understood both how I worked and what type of environment I needed to be in to excel. I worked to replicate an environment absent of distraction and with their help began to assign specific subjects to specific days so work was no longer random but a systematic process.

With further aid from noise cancelling headphones and regular snack breaks, I found myself not just completing all my homework but having enough time to do extra work outside of what was set. A simple plan and a set environment for working gave me all that I needed to overcome my bad habits and improve my performance in exams.

Diona Q, Year 12

In order to achieve what you want, you have to go to extents you would never think of going.

Jordan L, Year 11

I limit myself to a few hours on my phone every day so that I can dedicate myself to studying but I also allow time for relaxing.

Nour A, Year 10

I feel lucky that I have the enthusiasm to study every day.

Moni G, Year 8

I do my best to focus in my lessons and not to get detentions. I’m always on time for my lessons and my attendance is very good.

Flavius M, Year 7

I’m curious about my school subjects so it’s fun to learn even though sometimes the work can be difficult.

We congratulate all of our top Capital City Academy students:

Year 7 attainment: Amisha B, Aysha I, Flavius M, Sumaya S-A and Dhruvi V

Year 7 progress: Mohamed A, Robert C, Altankhuu G, Sara P and Abu-Bakr S

Year 8 attainment: Omar A, Pia D, Nada J, Denisa G and Gerssa B

Year 8 progress: Omar A, Giovanna S A, Moni G, Shanai A and Nada J

Year 9 attainment: Hassan A, Shima B, Jahzeal G-L, Maia G, Luiza O, Mohammed S-A and Lama S

Year 9 progress: Hassan A, Jaroslaw B, Ilham F, Gabriela P and Robert S

Year 10 attainment: Xavier C, Renee J, Sayeda K, Ayoub S and Bushra S-A

Year 10 progress: Nour A-S, Mohammed A, Vanessa H, Sayeda K and Fadumo O

Year 11 attainment: Nimisha B, Phoebe D, Maria H, Jordan L and Graziele P

Year 11 progress: Margarida B-De-F, Tanbir A Denisa G, Sumayo M and Tsvetomir O

Year 12 highest APS: Seham A, Dhruv R, Jana J, Diona Q, Kanukai A-E and Trey M

Year 13 highest APS: Ahmed S, Tarek L, Zakaria Z-K, Antonio G, Nadir J and Maha N

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