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A Level Work Experience Trip to Berlin

Posted on: 24/02/2020

Having the opportunity to go to Berlin has been enlightening; being able to explore the impact that history has had on Berlin was truly mesmerising to see. Sites such as Checkpoint Charlie, the Reichstag Building and the ‘Berlin Mauer’ (Berlin Wall) give only a glimpse of the incredible experience we had.

Having first-hand accounts of the history from native German speakers, such as Ms White’s family, was also delightful! Working with younger German students throughout the week really aided us with consolidating our German knowledge. We learnt more about the youth culture of Berlin first-hand and developed our German speaking which will be beneficial in our future studies.

But what we enjoyed the most, was the company of each other and being able to learn from each other, whilst simultaneously developing a deeper understanding of Germany. 

Adam L, Year 12

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