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Posted on: 31/01/2020

IntoUniversity have worked with Capital City Academy students for many years. They work with up to 30 students in all year groups from Year 7-13.

IntoUniversity was founded to address the fact that young people from the UK’s most disadvantaged postcode districts are nearly five times less likely to go to university than those in the most advantaged areas. This isn't fair because it makes it harder for them to succeed in a competitive job market and access professional careers

They work with young people who face challenges in getting to university, providing them with a range of support through their innovative programme to help them succeed in school, improve their employability and achieve their ambitions.

Since September they have already worked with 150 students and have delivered the following workshops:

  • Year 13: Support with personal statements including one-to-one support.
  • Year 12: Independent Learning - a focus on study skills and accessing long-term memory, finding out what learning style suits each student best.
  • Year 8: Maximising Memory - revision and learning techniques workshop.
  • Year 7: Choosing Success - taking responsibility for one’s own future and setting personal development targets.
  • Year 9: Transferable Skills and Careers - connecting students’ learning with future career possibilities, introducing them to University Life and why University is a good future investment.

More workshops will be delivered during the rest of the year, alongside extra opportunities we are hoping to take-up, including:

  • Year 8 Buddy: A structured visit to an Oxbridge college in which students learn about a particular topic (e.g. Law and Politics, Medicine or Journalism) and gain an insight into university life.
  • Year 9 Careers in Focus: A 3-day programme during which students engage with volunteers from a business and corporate environment and find out about their jobs and the steps they took to get into them. There is also a celebration event at one of our corporate partners.