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Years 7 & 10 Reward Trip

Posted on: 20/01/2020

On Monday 20th January, seventeen students took the day off from their usual lessons and enjoyed a day of learning at The Design Museum. The Mars exhibition was particularly interesting and our favourite exhibit was the fungus-grown self-regenerating boot!

We also visited the other exhibitions in the museum and had great fun experimenting with the strange sound machines.

We ended our day out with a walk through Holland Park in the sunshine where we saw beautiful peacocks and huge carp in the Japanese Gardens.

It was a lovely day and we hope we’ll be able to take part in the next reward trip after the AP2 exams!

Congratulations for earning their places on the reward trip to:

Year 7: Robert, Flavius, Altankhuu, Sara, Abukakr, Sumaya, Aysha, Dhrun, Amisha, Amer.

Year 10: Xavier, Renee, Sayeda, Ayoub, Bushra, Nour and Vanessa.

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