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FA Game of our Own

Posted on: 06/12/2019

The Football Association (FA) alongside the Youth Sport Trust is striving to increase the number of girls and women playing sport across the country. This strategy aims to double the number of females participating in football by 2024. The Game of Our Own programme has trained 500 Football Activators this year from over 90 schools across England.

The Gameplan for Growth programme aims to:  

  • Increase participation in football by removing social barriers and changing perceptions.
  • Use role-modelling by both teachers and students.
  • Increase knowledge, understanding and confidence of how to use football to explicitly target character traits and skills.

Aleksandra, Renee and Shaneka received the first of two football activator training days where they have learned how to make football fun and inclusive for everyone. They will recruit a team of activators who have demonstrated the core principles of resilience, responsibility and teamwork. 

Girls’ football activators can follow two pathways through Game of Our Own: marketing or delivery. The students will need to identify up to 6 girls from year 8 and 9: 3 Marketeers and 3 Deliverers. All girls will be selected from the BTEC Sport courses and this will enable students to demonstrate Sports Leadership - Unit 6 criteria for ‘Distinction’ level. The students have a small budget for equipment and rewards and will deliver football sessions to all Year 7 and Year 8 girls' PE lessons in the Spring Term.  

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