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Year 11 Top-Performers' Trip to the Natural History Museum

Posted on: 10/12/2019

On Tuesday 10th December, it was a privilege to take our top-performing Year 11 students to the Natural History Museum as a reward for all their hard work. It was so good to be able to offer these students the choice of where to visit and they chose this museum themselves.

There was so much to see and the students were very clear about what they wanted to visit and what they learned from it afterwards. They were brilliant company and a real credit to Capital at all times. We are really looking forward to taking the next trip after AP1!

Will you be invited?

Tanbir said: “It was fascinating to see the human biology exhibition and the different types of earth metals.”

Ellis commented: “I enjoyed going through the mammals section. It served as an interesting insight into the world of nature and gave me a real sense of scale about how amazing the world is.”

Phoebe thought: “It was truly eye-opening to see how the earth has changed over time.”

Marwa said: “I was surprised by how much of the Psychology exhibition was clearly linked to what we learn every day at school.”

Halima commented: "I really liked learning about the human body and seeing all the different exhibitions."

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