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Korean teachers visit Capital City Academy

Posted on: 18/12/2019

Last week, we had a group of Korean teachers visiting Capital as part of their Overseas Teaching Training Programme to observe lessons within the English education system.

They were split into two groups; group 1 attended on Monday and Tuesday and delivered a presentation on Korean Culture to Year 7 and 8 students. They certainly captured their attention with a presentation of Korean dance and traditional masks that have long been a tradition in Korean culture and are used in a variety of contexts.

Masks of any type are called 'tal' in Korean, but they are also known by many other names such as gamyeon, gwangdae, chorani, talbak and talbagaji. Traditional Korean masks, or tal, were originally used in shamanist rituals but today they are mainly used in cultural festivals, dances and plays.

Students participated creatively in painting the masks that the teachers provided as gifts which they took home at the end of the lesson. The teachers thoroughly enjoyed observing and assisting in our EAL (and other) lessons over the two days.

This week the teachers returned to participate in some of our rewards celebrations and a closing ceremony to mark the end of their visit.

There will be more to follow about what Group 2 contributed and learned about our school in our January Newsletter!

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