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Careers Accelerator Programme

Posted on: 27/11/2019

Students from the SBC6 (South Brent 6th Form Consortium) have signed up to extra-curricular activities on Wednesday afternoons. Some of our students in Capital 6 have signed up to the Careers Accelerator Programme at Crest Academy.

As part of this activity, students have been attending various trips and one such trip was to Vodafone in Paddington. This was a mentoring session to help students develop ambitious yet realistic career goals and take steps to achieving these, by building their professional network, considering informed post-18 choices and developing their skills and knowledge.

This week the session focused on building their professional profile, such as interview skills, CVs and LinkedIn profiles as well as learning how to network effectively.

The students were paired-up with professional business mentors from Vodafone based on similar interests, backgrounds and career aspirations and spent one hour working through a range of topics in their handbooks during the second part of the session.

The students also had the opportunity to hear from each of the ten employee mentors about their role at Vodafone and a bit about their career journey, interests and what they want to support students with.

Student Feedback - what do you feel went well during the session?

Diona: I enjoyed getting to know new people and also enjoyed my mentoring session with Cathy. I feel like it went well because I felt more comfortable with her and she helped me out a lot. I learnt some interview skills like how I need to do some research about the companies before I go for an interview and I also gained some CV advice.

Yahya: I really enjoyed today's session. I got a good insight into the world of work and had the opportunity to learn new sets of skills to assist more in future jobs. I learned about LinkedIn and how to network. I feel like this will be very useful in the future.

Alexis: This session gave me a lot of insight into what career path I should choose in the future.

Amani: I understand what kind of career path I can go into and I have a clearer vision of where I want to go.

Adam: I gained a positive understanding of careers and took a small step towards understanding how this industry functions. I enjoyed speaking with someone experienced and caring. From the session I learned how businesses function and the multiple paths I can go down.

Jana: I enjoyed the different conversations that we had about CVs, different career plans and what can be done to achieve them. I learned about the importance of standing out as an employee in different industries.

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