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Capital 6 students enjoy motivational assembly by Dr Hassan

Posted on: 06/11/2019

Dr. Aayesha Hassan is the co-founder of the Failforward Hub. She initially began pursuing her career in research by embarking on a challenging academic journey, leading her to obtain a First Class Masters of Research followed by a Ph.D. in Immunology. Although an immunologist by profession, she is a humanitarian at heart, which saw her combine both passions through work with various NGO’s operating in countries with poor public health provisions. To date her portfolio includes working on vaccine and preventable disease campaigns, emergency relief work and senior programme management in the horn of Africa.

It was an honour to have Dr Hassan address our Capital 6 students and share how her life has been shaped by various experiences, which led her to become an active leader within her community. Year 12 and Year 13 students benefitted greatly from Dr Hassan's motivational assembly, focusing on the importance of resilience through the journey to success.

Lead Teacher of Year 13 - Mrs Baar Hersi