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Debating Society Trip to Cambridge University

Posted on: 11/11/2019

On Monday 11th November, we took the CCA Debating Society to Cambridge University. They were given a tour of Downing College and then we walked down to Kings College to see the infamous chapel. They also attended a debating workshop at the Union run by students at Cambridge University. The students were exceptionally well-behaved and a real credit to the school.

Miss Tumber and Mr Pike

Maryam's account of the day:

We were very excited to visit Cambridge University because of the high reputation it holds. Before we arrived, we were all very nervous that we wouldn't fit in, especially due to the inequality that existed in the past! However, after spending a day touring the city and University, we were able to speak with different students from many different backgrounds and found that a lot has changed.

We received information from students of the different colleges of Cambridge, who said that during the early years of Cambridge, there had been a majority of males attending and women were not allowed to apply or, if they did, it would be very difficult for them to be accepted. However, more recently, to create a sense of diversity, the university created some girls only colleges to tackle this inequality. It has also tried to increase diversity of other ethnic groups attending by setting up small societies where they meet up, for example a Muslim society that fasts together in Ramadan, a Hindu society that supports them to practise their religion and much more. Cambridge University has changed a lot over the years but it has still managed to keep its traditions.

We then attended a really fun debating workshop in the Student Union led by a second year student, Sara Dehvari. We were given different motions and we had to explain on the spot whether we agreed or disagreed. We were taught why debating is an important skill to have and how we can respectfully express our opinions in a constructive way. This will really help me in my Humanities and English lessons and will also support me with public speaking. Sara then gave us a tour of the Student Union, so we got to see where students study and socialise. We also got to visit the library at Downing College and the theatre, where students put on performances. It was a really memorable day and has motivated me to work even harder so that one day I can apply to Cambridge University.

Sara (a second year student at Cambridge University) said:

“I was so impressed by how engaged the students were and how smart and knowledgeable they were about current affairs! I was so happy to hear from the students that they were (as a result of the trip) motivated to work hard and one day apply to Cambridge. I can only hope this motivation stays and guides them throughout the next few years.”

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