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Teaching and Learning during Arts Week

Posted on: 08/11/2019

Cross-curriculum Arts Week was a great opportunity for students to get creative through visual form in their different subjects: 

P.E. and Science

“We are all the same inside.”

In their Arts Week session, P.E. and Science students were inspired by Himid’s work to explore ‘that which links us’ as, quite literally, when you get to the bones of the matter, we are all the same.

Students used their prior learning about the human skeletal, digestive, nervous and circulatory systems to create striking anatomical structures.

Visual Arts

“Our clothes tell people who we are."

Himid’s inspirational installation led our art students to explore how the clothes we wear speak not just to our individuality and diversity but also our common identity.


“Listening to each other is the first step to understanding.”

The MFL and EAL departments celebrated our broad and diverse range of community and studied languages by using these languages to tell the world who we are. The use of speech bubbles is echoed by the recorded interviews that can be heard in the background of this installation.


“Life is a journey. We might not have a choice where we start from but we can we can choose where we are going.”

English students explored the concept that as individuals we are always changing and evolving. They took the opportunity to write letters to their past, present and future selves.


“I am more than a statistic.”

In Maths, students spent time interviewing each other to gather information about different aspects of their lives. This information was later presented in the form of statistics, graphs and charts. The overwhelming impression thst students were left with was that while the things we have in common can be reassuring, being reduced to a statistic is very uncomfortable!


“No matter where you come from or how difficult your start in life, you can make a difference.”

Students in Humanities have explored the immigration experience and have created figures representing famous historical immigrants who have gone on to change the world for the better.

Performing Arts

“The rhythm of life is a powerful beat.” (Sammy Davis Jr)

The P.A. students explored how dance and movement is used around the world to pass on culture, heritage and storytelling, celebrating our uniqueness and the fact that we belong to something bigger than ourselves. 

Food Technology

“Variety is the spice of life!”

Cuisines around the world use many of the same basic foods but may add flavour to them in distinctive ways. Students explored food through the prism of their culture, time and place to build a deeper appreciation of how regional characteristics have shaped our global food system.

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