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Meet our new Parent Governor

Posted on: 03/10/2019

Hello everyone! My name is Nick Cowan, I have a son in year 10, and I am pleased to say I am now a Parent Governor at Capital City for the next 4 years! This means I sit on the Board of Governors and on the 'Parents Students and Community' Committee, able to give my views and the views of other parents too.

I have already met quite a few of the staff and have been made to feel very welcome. Last week I did a 'Learning Walk' around the school where we popped into 12 different classes unannounced! I was pleased to find that the students were generally involved and well-behaved and the teachers were in control and enthusiastic about their subjects.

What is immediately clear to me is that Capital City wants to do more for its students so that they can do more for themselves. We as parents have a role to play in encouraging homework so our students can gain skills and confidence at home as well as at school. I will attend as many Parent Forums as I can and look forward to meeting more of you and hearing your views and concerns.