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Macmillan Cake Morning

Posted on: 27/09/2019

Friday’s cake sale saw a fantastic effort to raise as many donations as possible to champion Macmillan's crucial support of those in need.

From funding respite opportunities, to aiding financial responsibilities, recognising the trauma for families and friends and to making the fight against cancer a much more manageable process, we wanted to recognise Macmillan’s dedication. 

Our Capital community spirit was radiant throughout the day and both staff and students were keen to help however they could. 

Huge thanks must be given to Miss Beard, Miss Jones and Miss Joonus for their home-baked delicious treats. 

Julia, Yasmin and Lara were lovely enough to show off their talented, young baking skills which sold out - a clear success! 

Year 13 students, Madina, Tabarak and Assia, demonstrated their business acumen by organising and decorating the areas and then pitching sales to staff - well done girls! 

The Student Parliament, led by Head Boy, Yousif, and Head Girl, Mirianne, drove the promotion and logistics of the event.

Extended help was also provided by committed students - Octavio, Antonio, Tarenai, Zchenelle and Zara - representing C6 leadership skills and dedication. 

The overwhelming number of contributions from students and staff across the Academy demonstrated a really positive attitude towards charitable giving. Thank you all. 

Last but not least we must show considerable appreciation to Mr Mumuni and Miss Wine who raised the profile of the special cause within our Academy and directed the organisation of it. 

Total donations raised towards Macmillan Cancer Support from Capital City reached almost £200!

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