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Brent Question Time - debating club trip

Posted on: 14/10/2019

The new CCA Debating Club had the pleasure of attending a Youth Question Time event at the Brent Civic Centre, alongside a variety of other schools from across the Borough. It was a fantastic day that saw students given the opportunity to hear a range of opinions from a variety of experts on the topics selected.

Year 9 students, Clara and Maryam, asked excellent, probing questions to the panel and all nine students in attendance were a credit to the Academy. Ms Tumber, the Debating Club and myself hope to attend many more events like this to help build the character of the great students who have gone out of their way to set up this club on their own accord.

Clara in Year 9 said: 'On Monday 14th October, we went on a trip to the Brent Civic Centre for Brent Question Time. We asked the panel many questions about lowering the voting age, knife crime, Brexit, housing and the environment. The panel answered the questions well and afterwards we had the opportunity to meet them all in person and ask further questions. We invited many of the panellists to our school, including Brent Councillor Mohammed Butt, the Communications Manager for the FA and entrepreneur Derrick Twill. It was very interesting to hear their opinions and to understand what they would do about key issues of today.'

Maryam in Year 9 said: 'We were given the question 'Should the voting age be lowered to 16?' which was presented by Ibtissam. Some of the panellists agreed as they thought it could help to give younger people a voice, but the other panellists thought that 16 was too young to make such decisions as even at 18 people don't know what they are doing. Other topics that were discussed were knife crime, Brexit, housing and the environment. 

'I enjoyed this trip and I left it much more knowledgeable than I entered. During this trip, I learned a lot about how I can present speeches which will help me in both my sociology class and the debating society. Also, I was able to speak up and ask questions about our society. I shared my opinions on what I thought of how we could help the environment and whose responsibility it is to take care of it. Overall, it was an enjoyable and educational trip. Also, hopefully soon, we can bring the panellists as guests into our school to present workshops to raise our awareness further.'

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