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Meet our new staff - Amanda Fernando

Posted on: 02/09/2019

Name: Amanda Fernando

Current job title: Teacher of Humanities

Where did you grow up? North West London

What was your favourite subject at school? Sociology

What university did you go to? Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Campus

What did you study at university? Sociology BA (Hons)

What made you decide to go into teaching?

I wanted to go into teaching because I'm a people person and couldn't see myself doing a job that didn't involve social interaction. No two days are the same in teaching, and I thought it would be a good challenge. I also think that your teachers are the most memorable people in your life - you will always remember them, no matter how old or young so I wanted to be a part of shaping someone's journey and future. Lastly, because I love my subject! I think it’s a privilege to be able to share my passion in it. It is truly a rewarding job!

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Outside of work, I love to travel! As a sociologist, I am fascinated by other countries, cultures, ways of life, language and food so I love exploring this during the holidays. We live in such a bubble that it's brilliant to be exposed to different societies. I also love going to concerts to see some of my favourite artists live.

What encouraged you to apply to work at Capital?

I thought that working at Capital will open up a new challenge for me. I wanted to work in a completely different setting to where I had trained and completed my NQT year. Something that also appealed to me was teaching outside of my subject, such as History and Geography - I find these subjects very interesting and so love teaching them!

How have you found your first few weeks?

I have really enjoyed my first few weeks here at Capital, starting a new job is never easy, but I have felt so welcomed here by staff and students! Everyone here is delightful!

What have been your favourite bits so far?

I would say my favourite bits so far have been meeting my new classes - they have all been great and have made me feel so welcome and at ease. I also love how cohesive the community here at Capital is, I already feel like I'm part of such a great team and look forward to the year ahead and beyond!