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Shine Award for Miss Lamaar!

Posted on: 06/09/2019

The Shine Trust awards money to teachers piloting new ideas to help young people succeed in English, maths or science. Each year they receive a huge number of applicants and this year I applied - and I won! It’s a small grant that will help me launch a podcast about books (@settexts). This year I will be recording 12 podcasts where I analyse (with some excellent guests!) a book on the GCSE curriculum. Each podcast will be available with a list of prompt questions so students can then go away and record their own podcast in response to the book. The point of this is that it encourages students to be CRITICS, rather than just passively absorbing content to spew out in an exam. It also plays to the strengths of the students who are great at talking but might struggle to write things down. I am very excited to get to work. The first podcast is coming soon! Please follow me @settexts.