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Top Performers Case Study - Antonio & Hrithik

Posted on: 15/08/2019

Hrithik and Antonio have been firm friends since meeting each other in Year 8 when Antonio joined Capital City Academy. He had moved with his family from Romania to the UK and started his school experience with very basic conversational English. Thankfully he found great support from staff and students and settled in well.

Throughout their time at the Academy they have forged an even firmer friendship and have supported each other along the way. They both decided to stay on for Sixth Form due to their confidence in the teachers and the unwavering support they knew they would receive.

Throughout their A-level studies they both showed an incredible determination to achieve their absolute best.

They have just received their much-anticipated results with Hrithik achieving A in Economics, A in Maths and B in Further Maths and Antonio achieving A in Maths, B in Further Maths and C in Physics.

We are delighted to confirm that they have both gained places to their university of choice and will be continuing their journey together at Queen Mary University London. Hrithik will be going on to study Mathematics, Statistics and Financial Economics with a year abroad and Antonio will be studying Computer Science with an industry placement.