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Science Show

Posted on: 25/06/2019

On Tuesday 25th June, Capital hosted a Science Show, presented by ‘The Professor’ Ian B. Dunne – 'Magic Science, Science Magic'. We invited and were joined by students from local primary schools including Ark Franklin, Harlesden, Donnington, Leopold and Mitchell Brook; and then ran sessions for Year 7, 8 and 9 across the day.

‘The Professor’ brought to life many of the Science phenomena we have been learning about in classes explain how the technology has been used to create the illusion of magic, and explaining many historical tricks.

We began by learning how sound waves can be created by the most unusual of vibrating instruments, including basic metal rods, metal ‘singing’ bowls, a musical saw and a Theremin. We were also treated to demonstrations of the popular Victorian ‘magic/science’ shows, including a Whimshurst machine that uses static to produce sparks, a large Van Der Graaf generator to make Barbie’s hair stand on end (I am personally very pleased that humans are no longer used for this form of entertainment) and a Tesla coil, which can only be described as a small lightning generator – with sound effects provided by our students. There were also some examples of ‘magic’ that can be completed at home, such as red cabbage indicator mixed with acids and alkalis. ‘The Professor’s’ show was supported by his unusual array of ‘friends’ – the robotic Kat and a robot crow named Hugi and a skull called Ani – these were used to demonstrate ultrasound communication and added an extra dimension to the show.

The Shows were hugely entertaining, and all students involved were able to get engaged and excited about seeing their learning in action in some very unusual applications. I was extremely impressed by the way that out students represented themselves and the school.

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