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Arts Professional Talk

Posted on: 21/06/2019

An artist professional Alexia Menikou came into Capital and talked about her journey within the art industry leading to arts management after she had finished her degree in art. She spoke about the stages that she went through to achieve her dreams. Not only did she make us aware of the huge number of careers you could follow within art; she also offered us opportunities for internships and work experience.

Here are some student reflections on the talk -

"Having a person with a career in the art industry was very helpful. By discovering how amazing and intriguing her journey was it even made me consider a career path in art. The way she spoke so passionately about every stage she went through opened my eyes to more opportunities and careers that I could consider following in the future." - Roshni

"The speech that the guest had was very informative. I was very fortunate to attend and I am very thankful that she came in and shared her journey with us so that we can understand the commitment you need to make if you consider taking a career in the art industry. She was able to open many career paths that someone else might have not." - Farah

"Going into this I had a very fixed mindset about the career that I would like to take in the future. I knew I wanted a career in the art industry however I wasn’t aware of the huge amount of careers an art degree can provide. I can say that her speech about her journey definitely made me more open minded about other paths I could take. She also made me aware of internships which I didn’t know about until she told us , so I am very thankful she came." - Fabiana

"Having an art professional talking about her journey was an amazing experience. She talked about how she was able to create her own company. I enjoyed all the information she provided. A lot of my questions were asked during this session and I hope she will come back and share more of her journey." - Oumama

"It was a wonderful experience having a guest speaker coming in and talk about her journey in the art industry. She broadened my knowledge about art and the career paths you can follow with an art degree at university. I already wanted to follow a path in the art industry however this session only enforced my passion for art and also made me realise that art can achieve more than I thought it would." - Diana

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