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The Royal Academy of Arts attRACT Programme

Posted on: 01/07/2019

I have been very fortunate to take part in the Royal Academy of Arts attRAct programme which I enjoy very much. The attRAct programme is a series of workshops such as life drawing, photography, etching, cyanotype printing, architecture and so many more. These workshops are very helpful and fun. Also, in the summer term, we visit open days and art degree shows such as UAL (Camberwell) and Goldsmiths, which is very useful because you have the opportunity to visit the universities as well as see the work the students do.

One of my favourite workshops was the etching workshop. Even if it was very messy, it was very fun. It was a long process and you have to be careful but it is fun because you can let go and be free at the same time.

By Fabiana S

I have also been fortunate to take part in many of the workshops in the Royal Academy of Arts attRAct programme. The workshops have brought many new skills to my art which I have used to my advantage for my own work. My favourite workshop must have been the Life Drawing session where we drew from an actual model. Because of that I was able to hone my skill of drawing bodies, faces and other features of the human figure. We also had workshops which helped us develop how to talk about our work in mixed up groups, this helped me boost my confidence of speaking about my own work.

By Julian L

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