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Learning from the London Marathon

Posted on: 28/04/2019

I was so mindful of the content of Action Jackson's motivational address to the Year 11's last Friday when I successfully completed my 3rd (London) Marathon last Sunday, in under 3 hours.

He made reference to a reflective learning model emphasising the need to learn from one's mistakes before trying again. It struck me how much I had learnt from a tough marathon the previous year. It took a conscious effort and some humility to put in place a strict training plan. I clocked up more miles than I have ever done before.

Pacing oneself is the second lesson I learnt. I finished in a time of 2 hours 57 minutes and 41 seconds and completed the race with a negative split – running the second half faster than the first. Most athletes start too fast, an easy trap to fall into when there are thousands of runners around you getting carried away by the occasion and the supporting crowds.

So remember you’re never too old to learn from your mistakes and a race, whatever it may be for you, comprises two halves, so pace yourself!

Mr George, Director of Finance & Resources

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