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Year 10 Mock Interviews

Posted on: 21/03/2019

As part of the schools Careers Education Programme, together with Making The Leap, we held a ‘Mock Interview’ day on Thursday 21st March 2019. During the day, Year 10 students had an interview with a professional from a variety of employers. This was a fantastic opportunity for our students who gained confidence and feedback from their interviews.

The feedback received from the employers was extremely complementary about Capital and the students they saw.

Employer Feedback

“A pleasure to meet so many clever & motivated students “

“Students were very keen to make a good impression, many of them were remarkably mature”

“A very rewarding day to meet so many great young people”

“Very receptive to both praise and criticism showed real maturity “

“Excellent, it was amazing to see so many great kids in one day “

Many commented that they had met some outstanding students.

Our Students Feedback

“The experience was really useful and helped me learn a lot about how interviews go “

“My interview went well I feel a lot more motivated with what I want to do and be”

“It was great as I was made to feel comfortable which made me confident while being interviewed which will help with future interviews”

“My interviewer gave me some very good advice on making improvements “

“I was really glad I had this experience felt nervous and unsure before, the interview has really helped me”