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Tech Mix Career Camp

Posted on: 19/03/2019

Tech workshop

On Monday 18th March, a group of Year 10 Computer Science students and Year 12 Business students had the great opportunity to attend a full intensive career camp. This
workshop is aimed to encourage students to develop their team work, research skills, problem-solving, decision making, presentation and communication skills. The groups have been working really hard and brainstormed several ideas that could encourage shoppers to visit Brent High Street shops more frequently. This was in fact the challenge task set by TECH MIX Company.

The competition

On Tuesday 19th March, Capital Teams led by Mr Fowdar and Mrs Somuah-Safo made their way to the Employers Expo Careers Fair at the Brent Civic Centre in Wembley.

The atmosphere became a bit tense as the fourteen business teams had to battle their way to win first place. In the preliminary rounds, there was 1 judge and only 4 groups were chosen to be in the final round. We were very excited as Capital City Academy was in a strong position with two strong teams in the final round. Team “Sizer” which consisted of three Year 12 students and Team “Wildcard” which consisted of three Year 10 students and one Year 12 student. There were approximately 70 people watching the final pitching competition, so it was a fairly large audience and a bit nerve-racking for our students. Once the competition was over, the judges were allowed some time to decided who the winner was.

During the Employers Career Expo, the winning team was finally announced by the judges. We were thrilled when we heard oneof the judges shouting .......and the winner of the most exciting and innovative idea 2019 is “Team Wildcard”. The team were then called upon stage and were congratulated by all 4 judges including a member of Brent Council, Cllr Agha.

The team came up with a new loyalty program which has an interesting and unique selling point. The loyalty program does not only target a particular shop but multiple shops on Brent High Street. People could earn points rapidly by purchasing products from different shops and redeem the points in terms of vouchers and discounts after converting their points.

Rewards for all the participants

This Career Camp is part of a recognised Award called “Entry Level 3 in Professional Development” and upon completion of relevant paper works, all participants will receive their awards.

The winning team will also earn work experience with Genium - a local Tech company and they will earn six months of mentorship from TECH MIX company and connections to entrepreneur networks. Moreover, they will have a great opportunity to have a guided visit to Tech City.

We would like to congratulate the winning team namely Tanbir A, Nimisha B, Sahar A and Harun F, as well as the students from team “Sizer”, Assia A, Fatima J and Dalia J for all their effort and hard work and also for making all of us very proud.

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