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Sisters Acting NW10

Posted on: 08/03/2019

Our annual production 'Sisters Acting NW10' took place on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th March. The show was loosely based on the movie 'Sister Act 2'. It was the story of a nun who was a big fan of musical theatre, starting a new job in a tough inner city American school in the 1990`s. She recognises the talent of the students there and persuades and cajoles them into entering a talent contest. They are cynical students who think they have been written-off and this is really a story of students striving to overcome obstacles and succeed in life.

A large, exuberant and very talented cast treated us to a nonstop singing and dancing extravaganza! Song after song and dance routine after dance routine kept the audience spellbound throughout! All the hits of the Nineties were belted out, much to the delight of the packed theatre! Brilliant singing and dancing by the infectiously enthusiastic ensemble cast had the audience cheering and clapping all the way through! A triumphant production!

Thank you to the Performing Arts team for a fantastic production. Special thanks to Rebecca Wine for directing this original production.

We would also like to thank Alex Cella for her amazing vocal direction and Joana Fonseca for being an honorary member of the PA team. A huge thank you to our Capital 6 Assistant Producers, Serephine, Tarenai and Keri-Ann; we couldn’t have done this show without your support. Thank you to Alex Saraiva, Zara B and Zchenelle A for the set. Thanks to Cassie Howson for organising the Primary Matinee along with Donnington and Leopold Primary School for being a great audience at the matinee. Thanks also to Emma Throp, Kate Blevins, Katie Beard, Alex Skinner, Charith Abeyratne, Minal Patel and Jackie Oppon and our lighting technician Adam Pope.

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