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Highlights from the Inspection

Posted on: 04/02/2019

Message from Marianne Jeanes, Principal

We want to thank all our students and parents for their incredible support during our OFSTED inspection this week. We were very pleased to have the opportunity to show the fantastic work being done by staff and students at Capital and it made all of the leadership team so proud to talk about all that goes on here. Staff and students were a real credit to Capital. Some of them have shared their reflections in this newsletter.

Some of the highlights for me were the students talking so proudly about Capital Community, the calm corridors and exemplary uniform, the evidence of student progress and feedback given to and responded to by students, and of course how Ofsted have validated the work that we are doing.

We look forward to sharing the outcome with you as soon as it is published.

Sir Frank Lowe, Academy Sponsor, has asked me to pass on his congratulations to all and his thanks to all members of staff for their hard work.

Garth Crooks, Chair of Governors writes: I hope the feeling of success feels as good today as it did yesterday you stated – we were ready. So thank you and congratulations once again!

Staff Perspective

Emily Jones, 2ic / Lead of KS3 English

"It was a pleasure to meet with the inspector to be able to outline all of the excellent training that goes on throughout the year at Capital. The inspector was clearly encouraged by the plentiful examples we were able to provide of the quality training we receive and how teachers here are continually encouraged to reflect on their practice and learn from each other. This is what makes Capital such a special place - it is a learning community for all, not just the students."

Natalia Ribas, Assistant Principal

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of observing our teachers' great practice with the inspectors, who were very complimentary about our students' attitudes to learning and our staff dedication. The inspectors were very interested to see how all students learn in Capital and were impressed with how their needs were met in the classroom. All in all, a truly positive day!"

Charith Abeyratne, Teacher of Science

"I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with the inspector and walked her through the fantastic training I have received at Capital. I explained how the CPD and mentoring I benefit from has drastically impacted the development of my practice on a daily basis. It was also a great opportunity to learn from the examples of excellent practice carried out in other departments around the school. The positive and collaborative nature of the meeting was testament to the quality of the supportive wider learning environment at Capital for both teachers and students."

Rachel Belfield, Lead Teacher for More Able

"The inspector was keen to hear about More Able provision across the academy. We have worked really hard as an academy to ensure we are providing high quality teaching, informative events and engaging extra-curricular opportunities so I was really pleased to get the opportunity to showcase the provision we offer for students, parents, carers and staff."

Micky Tumber, CAL Humanities

"In Humanities we had a positive experience during the Ofsted visit. Students and staff were a real credit to Capital, as expected. I met with one of the lead inspectors and was proud to be able to talk about all the great work we are doing to improve outcomes for our students. Thank you to our Principal, Marianne Jeanes for her leadership and constant support and encouragement- we're pleased to hear the day went well!"

Andrea Gordon, HR Manager

"My experience of the inspection was a really positive one. It was great to know that the Academy is meeting all Ofsted expectations with regards to Safeguarding."

Students' Perspective

Erin C, Year 7 student

"I was nervous before the interview as I know how important the Ofsted inspection was for Capital City Academy but I was really pleased that I had been asked by Ms Hunt. The first thing we were asked by the inspector was what we liked best about our school and we all had lots to say. My favourite thing about Capital City Academy is that we have so many subjects that we get to study each week!"

Rashane M, Year 8 student

"I felt really proud of myself because out of 209 students in Year 8 I was selected and I was honoured to represent my school community. I love my school because of all the opportunities we are given and I was keen to tell Ofsted all about these."

Jenos Jadidi, Year 11 student

"My experience with the Ofsted Inspectors was great. All the students in the focus group answered all the questions honestly and proudly. The student ambassadors spoke confidently with the upmost respect. We were asked about safety and wellbeing of our students in the school, as well as questions about our 4 key values. All our values were demonstrated throughout the interview. Upon leaving there were smile all round leaving the students and the Inspector wih a good and positive impression."

Kush K, Year 11 student

"My experience with the Ofsted officer was good. She mainly asked us about the school, for example how safe the school is and how we find student wellbeing in the school. We all answered the questions well and honestly. The Inspector was also selecting key points from the cacophony of answers we were giving as a group. Overall it was really an interesting experience being part of the focus."

Zchenelle A, Capital 6 student

"Speaking to Ofsted representatives was nerve racking. Having to speak about the positive aspects of the school really reminded me of the rich quality of education at Capital 6. I thoroughly enjoyed talking about how I want to study medicine at Cambridge and how Capital as a whole has aided me to begin my journey."

Antonio G, Capital 6 student

"Speaking with a member of Ofsted allowed me to express the struggles of my journey to success and how the hard working staff helped me."