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IntoUniversity Focus Groups

Posted on: 18/01/2019

Year 9 IntoUniversity Focus group attended a Careers Carousel workshop on Wednesday 16th January 2019.

The Careers Carousel workshop aims to get students to begin to think about their own transferrable skills and strengths and how this might form their career choices. Students were encouraged to focus on job satisfaction rather than salaries.

During the carousels, students completed four activities based on the transferable skills of Analysis, Creativity, Problem Solving and Communication. The students were encouraged to think about which of these activities they had enjoyed the most and link them to careers that they might enjoy e.g. a young person who enjoyed the Creativity task might enjoy a career in marketing, architecture or fashion design. The premise is to keep the types of careers as broad as possible so that students can think about how their skills can open up a wide range of possibilities.

On Friday 18th January, our Year 7 IntoUniversity focus group had their second workshop 'Approaches to Homework'. The focus was on the changing workload from primary school to secondary school and how to cope with this. Students were also introduced to different learning styles to get them thinking about their strengths and practiced different research methods.

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