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Year 8 GOALS football tournament

Posted on: 28/11/2018

On Wednesday 28th November 2018 the Year 8 girls' football team went to a tournament at GOALS in Alperton.

We trained really hard for this event, in the hope that we would win. While we were there we battled against many teams.

  • CCA 2-2 Haydon A
  • CCA 7-0 Twyford A
  • CCA 4-0 Queensmead A
  • CCA 3-0 Uxbridge A
  • CCA 2-0 Convent A
  • CCA 1-0 Latymer A

Quarter final

  • CCA 4-0 Queensmead B


  • CCA 1-0 Convent


  • CCA 1-0 Haydon

The tournament was tough and the teams were good, but with determination we won the tournament and we will now be going to play at Wembley Stadium in the finals.

Written by Renee (8A1) and Rayvven (8B2).