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KidZania Trip

Posted on: 14/11/2018

A trip to KidZania was offered to all members of our school council as a special recognition for their contribution to our school community. The 44 students who attended were true ambassadors of Capital, travelling with perfect conduct and enjoying the activities that they explored at Kidzania confidently, sensibly and enthusiastically!

KidZania is an interactive 'city' which shares insight into the working world for young people. Students had the opportunity to experience a range of work roles in genuine ‘kid run’ businesses and establishments, such as British Airways, H&M, Cadbury’s and Metro News. They were paid in ‘Kidzos’ which can be banked and withdrawn via ATM machines. Our students earned and spent their income, bought treats and paid for employment training!

A big thank you to Joel Cadbury for donating the tickets. It was a wonderful experience for our school council students.

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