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Arts Week 2018

Posted on: 16/11/2018

We have just had another exciting Arts Week at the school. This year the theme was 'language' and students in every department were encouraged to get artistic and creative with all facets of the subject.

In Performing Arts, students developed movement through body to evoke emotions. In English Year 7 students created bookmark book report drawings based on a character, setting and genre from their current reading book.

In Maths, Year 7 students created posters on properties of 2D shapes, emphasising perimeter and area of a shape and in Science Year 7 students looked at rocks, then painted geodes to understand how they are formed.

In Geography, Year 7 students produced a model of a river etched through a valley using cardboard, acrylic paints and labels and in Business Studies Year 9 students created a 3D cereal box for an upcoming supermarket and will have to pitch their products and give very good reasons why their product should be chosen; a bit like on Dragon`s Den or The Apprentice.

EAL students created fun typography to express objects and people in connection to new words they`d just learned and Food Tech students had a great time creating different pastries and pizzas from Italy and then learning about that culture.

In PE our Year 11 students had a look at how a cardiovascular system works and they then created a 3D clay model of a heart and in the Modern Foreign Languages our Year 8 students studied Picasso`s blue period and his Rose period and then created emotion colour self-portraits associated with the language they were studying.

This is a fun week we have every year and the students learn so much from it, while enjoying themselves and unleashing their imagination and creativity!

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