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Oxford University visit

Posted on: 16/07/2018

This month a group of students were lucky enough to visit Oxford University. They started off the day with Ed who works at the university and had completed his postgraduate degree there. He gave an insight into life at Oxford and its history. It was a pleasant surprise to hear how diverse the student population is. They also had the opportunity to visit the library which holds a large range of books which would not normally be seen in libraries. This was followed by an added treat; having lunch in the great hall.

After lunch, the group were introduced to an academic called Johnno who is currently working on his PhD. He specialises in the modern history of children and tasked the group to analyse a source from the 9th century! One of the main skills learnt from this task was how to interpret a source without using any prior knowledge.

Finally they visited the Ashmolean Museum where they heard about the history of a range of unusual objects and used a range of skills to work out where they originated from and what they were used for.

"I had a great time and highly recommend anyone else who is offered the experience to go" - Yahya A (10A3)

"I found Magdalen College to be an immensely welcoming and inspiring place. The talk about university and the academic session gave a good insight into university life and informed me of many things that I hadn’t known before. As well as this, Magdalen College hosted a wonderful tour and a visit to the Ashmolean Museum. Overall the experience was very exciting and fulfilling and one that I will remember." - Estayella A (10A3)

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