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Year 10 Corporate Mock Interview Day

Posted on: 20/04/2018

Year 10 students took part in a corporate interview view day at Capital. During the day, students attended an interview with a professional from a variety of employers. This was a fantastic opportunity for our students to gain confidence and feedback from interviews. Before the interviews, students were introduced to the employers. The mock interviews took place in the theatre throughout the school day.

Well done to all our students who attended a mock interview, the employers were extremely impressed with them all and all their comments & feedback were very positive. Many students excelled during their interview and it was a real pleasure to listen to and read the feedback from the employers regarding our school and our wonderful students. They did themselves & Capital proud.

Some comments from students:

“It was great and I really appreciated that it would help me in the future"

“I felt very nervous to begin with; the interviewer put me at ease and I really enjoyed it"

“I got some great feedback which I will be able to apply when I have a real interview"

“It really helped with my confidence “

“My interviewer made me feel really comfortable and that it is ok to be yourself and this made me more confident"

“It was so much better than I expected, it was like I was having a real interview"

Some comments from the employers:

“Extremely impressive student, very confident"

“A bubbly, friendly, motivated, hardworking student who gave relevant examples to the questions; well done"

“Excellent eye contact and presentation"

“They came across as ambitious, hardworking, confident and very intelligent”

“Extremely positive superb answers, great smile, excellent interview”

“A pleasure to meet her. She has a bright future ahead and I am confident she will realise her full potential"

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