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Year 12 Higher Education Event

Posted on: 19/03/2018

Our Year 12 students attended Middlesex University for a Higher Education Fair. Students were also able to attend a range of subject talks to help them understand more about their area of interest. They had an opportunity to attend a careers lounge, take a campus tour, and attend general talks for UCAS choices and apprenticeships.

Our Year 12 students thoroughly enjoyed the experience saying….

“The trip to the Middlesex University was very beneficial as it helped me to gain a better insight on the different variety of universities there are across England; and to learn which ones offer the best courses that would suit my preferences of what path I would like to pursue regarding a career in the future. A lot of information was gained and I now have more knowledge on universities and the facilities that they offer. It was a great experience." - Rachenell

“The accounting lecture that I went to was very informative, especially the introduction as they gave information on the grade requirements that are needed to take accounting at Middlesex University. The lecture was very detailed, the speaker was clear and made the concepts easy to understand. The lecture also included financing and used different banking firms as examples on how financing is applied in these firms.” - Faheem

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