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Student Leadership

Students at Capital City Academy play a significant leadership role in many aspects of school life.

Students in Years 9 – 13 have the opportunity to apply to become an ‘Orange Jacket’ in student leadership programs ranging from Active Play Leaders in Years 9 and 10, Lunch Supervisors in Year 10 and Catering Mentors in Years 12 and 13. Students apply for these roles at various stages during the year and the process is as rigorous as a real job application. Shortlisted candidates are invited to interview. Students who are successful and undertake leadership responsibilities are able to include this on their CV, which supports future university and job applications.

Our work in this area has been recognised nationally and is frequently praised by visitors. Historically, Capital City Academy has been the top school in England for the number of volunteer hours logged on the Step Into Sport Programme. Our leaders work within the school and local community; deliver and train other leaders across London and run the academy’s student parliament.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award - another fantastic leadership opportunity in which students can take part - offers students the opportunity to develop their mind, body and soul in an environment of social interaction, teamwork and physical challenge (an expedition).

Many students also gain additional leadership qualifications and accolades. For example, Fatima won the Youth Sports Trust national CARE award for her outstanding contribution to leadership. She has also recently won a major FA volunteer award.