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Student Leadership

Students at Capital City Academy play a significant leadership role in many aspects of school life. We are proud of the ways in which these students lead their peers and younger students. They exemplify the values, creativity and responsibility we work towards in our Capital Community.

Students in Years 9–13 have the opportunity to apply to become an ‘Orange Jacket’ in student leadership programs ranging from Active Play Leaders in Years 9 and 10, Lunch Supervisors in Year 10 and Catering Mentors in Years 12 and 13. Students apply for these roles at various stages during the year and the process is as rigorous as a real job application. Shortlisted candidates are invited to interview. Students who are successful and undertake leadership responsibilities are able to include this on their CV, which supports future university and job applications and some of these roles are paid. 

The Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) award also encourages volunteering as this is a key component of the award. We provide many opportunities for our students to volunteer and complete their Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE awards. 

All students in our 6th form, Capital 6, are encouraged to volunteer and many of them work as academic mentors, literacy leaders, front of house, behaviour champions and student ambassadors. All these contributions help to build our Capital Community and encourage students in different year groups to work together collaboratively.

Our student leadership programme through Years 7-13 also gives all our students the opportunity to put themselves forward to represent their Learning Advisor Group as student council representatives, their Year Group as student parliament representatives and their House as House Leaders/Captains. These students represent and contribute to the student voice in various forums to improve key areas of student life at Capital. They also represent Capital at local events and in the community.