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Year Group Information

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Year 7 (starting September 2021)


Ms A Jones -

Year Team Leader

Ms R George - 

Teach First

A Scateianu -

Learning Advisors 

Ms A Fitzpatrick (7A/LA1) -

Ms A Laker (7A/LA2) -

Ms Z Lynskey (7A/LA3) -

Mr M Pettifor (7B/LA1) -

Mr B Toon (7B/LA2) -

Mr W Mumuni (7B/LA3) -


Ms D Mustafa - 

Toe by Toe

Ms B James -

Year 8


Ms L Khammal -

Year Team Leader

Ms A Clarke -  

Assistant Year Team Leader

Mr A Hilsenrath -

Teach First

S Joshi -

Learning Advisors 

Ms T Patel (8A/LA1) -

Ms L Ungurianu (8A/LA2) -

Mr E Aristide (8A/LA3) -

Mr A Manshadi (8B/LA1) -

Ms C Garcia (8B/LA2) -

Ms A Reilly (8B/LA3) -

Toe by Toe

Ms M Wright -

Year 9


Ms R Belfield

Year Team Leader

Ms D Hyde -

Assistant Year Team Leader

Ms C Leonard -

Teach First

Ms M Sousa -

Learning Advisors

Ms S Lamaar/Mr S Alexander (9A/LA1) - /

Ms C Voisin/Mr K Matthews (9A/LA2) - /

Mr J Campbell (9A/LA3) -

Ms I Guimaraes/Ms H Mustafa (9B/LA1) - /

Ms S Moisseeva (9B/LA2) -

Ms B Tarasiewicz/Ms S Barya (9B/LA3) - /

Year 10


Ms B Hersi -

Year Team Leader

Ms J Hunt -

Assistant Year Team Leader

Ms J Fonseca -

Teach First

Ms D Lee -

Learning Advisors

Mr J Emmerson/Ms F Asharrow (10A/LA1) - /

Ms J Richardson/Mr S McCaffer (10A/LA2) - /

Ms S Shah/Ms H Ahmed (10A/LA3) - /

Ms P Murray Hobbs (10A/LA4) -

Mr O Johnson (10B/LA1) -

Ms Z Maniar (10B/LA2) -

Ms N Dolathsad (10B/LA3) -

Ms C Smicle-Cummings (10B/LA4) -

Year 11


Ms B Hersi -

Year Team Leader

Ms B Hirani -

Assistant Year Team Leader

Ms F Barnard -

Learning Advisors

Mr D Maitra (11A/LA1) -

Ms C Calado (11A/LA2) -

Ms S Bignall (11A/LA3) -

Ms P Jopek (11A/LA4) -

Ms C Moran (11B/LA1) -

R Kurimbux (11B/LA2) -

Mr S Barrett (11B/LA3) -

Ms J Oppon (11B/LA4) -

Capital 6 (Year 12 & 13)

Assistant Principal (Director of C6)

Mr L Manandhar -


Mr A Ayankoso -

Ms R Bains -

Year 12

Teach First

Mr A Wingard -

Learning Advisors

Mr E Baigel (12A/LA1) -

Ms R Gorsia (12A/LA2) -

M Rahman (12A/LA3) -

Ms N Lewis/Ms Y Chisholm (12A/LA4) - /

Ms M Kerai (12A/LA5) -

Mr S Hastings (12B/LA1) -

Year 13

Teach First

Mr S Farey -

Learning Advisors

Ms A Gilmour (13A/LA1) -

Ms S Seda (13A/LA2) -

Ms E Majekodunmi / Mr G Kensit (13A/LA3) - /

Matthew Jacomb (13A/LA4) -