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Student Support & Care

We want you to do well in your studies and enjoy your student life. While ensuring you achieve your academic potential we also understand the importance of developing students who are well-rounded, confident, resilient and happy members of society. As such, great emphasis is placed on high quality pastoral care at Capital City Academy. The pastoral system is structured as follows:

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Learning Advisor Group

All students are assigned to a Learning Advisor Group who will normally remain together throughout their time at the Capital City Academy. The group is led by a Learning Advisor and is key to providing a supportive nurturing environment for students at the start of every school day. The Learning Advisor is the first point of contact for the student and parent/carer if they have any worries or issues to talk through.

Each week during Learning Advisor time, students have dedicated time to develop their independent learning skills, including literacy and numeracy skills, alongside their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Year Team Leaders

Each year group has a Year Team Leader who is responsible for ensuring high standards of welfare, academic progress, behaviour, attendance and dress of the students in their year group.  These pastoral leaders are supported by Key Stage Administrators to ensure that all students’ needs are met.

Mentoring & Psychology Services

At Capital City Academy we are fully committed to the emotional and mental wellbeing of our students, but for those who require additional support we offer:

  • A Mentoring Service - We provide mentoring for students who are struggling emotionally or academically. Any student in need of support can be referred to this service and receive either one to one, or group support (in some cases both, depending on the need of the child).
  • The Psychology Service - This full-time provision is available to support students’ mental health needs. Any student can be referred to the service and receive one to one weekly support in a safe, confidential space.

Additional Support

All families sometimes need help and support to ensure the wellbeing of their children. We will work proactively and non-judgementally with students and their families about any issue that impacts on a student’s attainment and ability to reach their potential.

Please contact the relevant Year Team Leader if you have any concerns you would like to discuss.