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School Catering Services

At Capital City Academy almost all the food on offer is cooked from scratch using fresh seasonal ingredients purchased from reputable suppliers wherever possible; thus providing students with a variety of choice. The catering team at Capital, cater for a broad range of requirements throughout the day fulfilling the vision of healthy eating and meeting the requirement of the school food standard and Nutrient – based standard for school lunches. Our aim is to make the food offered throughout the day healthier by increasing the vitamin and mineral content and decreasing fat.

In addition to our vision, the School Food Policy and objectives are:

  • To make the Academy’s catering facilities the first choice for all pupils and staff.
  • To be consistently customer focused in support of the schools commitment to healthy eating.
  • To be continuously aware of, and compliant with, legislation, food base standard law and maintaining a high level of hygiene.

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Student Entrance Deli - Hot & Cold


Range includes:

  • a wide range of sandwiches
  • baguettes
  • fruit
  • jelly
  • mousse pots
  • drinks
  • muffins & cookies


Daily selection of our hot snacks which also available at the restaurant. Range includes:

  • pizza slices
  • patties
  • wraps
  • paninis
  • burgers
  • chicken wings

Student Restaurant

Open for breakfast and both lunch breaks. Offering large variety of concepts to chose from:


Our own authentic brand consisting of freshly cooked on site authentic ethnic food.


Comprehensive pasta counter which serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Also, offers jacket potato with selection of fillings.


Our own street food counter offering a variety of easy to eat, grab items which carefully selected to cater our customers.

NB. Please note that Free School Meal students are entitled to anything on the Worl Kitchen Menu or the Deli/Grab & Go up to the value of £2.40 and can then buy additional item if they choose.


Fresh addition to any meal or served as a meal on its own.


Our 4 level fridge holding a selection of drinks complementing our meals and your dietary and nutritional intake.


Offering a selection of hot and cold indulgent desserts which vary from day to day and complete any meal fully!

Sixth Form & Staff - All Day Cafe

  • Open from 7am until 3pm.
  • Serving most aromatic Lavazza coffee freshly ground to order.
  • Offering a wide range of cakes, sandwiches, savoury slices, drinks & variety of light bites.



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Cashless Catering System

The school uses a cashless catering system. All students and staff will have to credit there account before making any purchases. One of these methods can be used to credit your account.

The preferred methods used to credit your account is ParentPay, which offers the freedom to make online payments whenever and wherever you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

The alternative method is to top up using pay points within the school.

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