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Ofsted Inspection - 30th January 2019Ofsted Good GP Colour

We are very pleased to finally be able to share with you the letter from Ofsted congratulating the school on its latest inspection.  The full letter can be viewed below but we thought it would be helpful to provide a summary of the key points.

Capital City Academy is a GOOD school.  Ofsted state “This school continues to be good. You and your leadership team have maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.”

This was a Section 8 inspection which means that new gradings cannot be given and so we are extremely pleased with this outcome.  Schools that remain good are inspected approximately every four years to check whether they are still good.  If not, a full inspection can be carried out.

The inspection team were particularly complimentary about our ‘Capital Community’.  Ofsted state “Pupils and staff know that you are building the ‘Capital Community’ – a sense of belonging and mutually respectful, inclusive relationships – and are positive about this. The staff survey shows that the overwhelming majority of staff believe the school has improved since the last inspection and are proud to work there. They believe it is safe, well managed and well led.”

The work we are doing at Capital always has the wellbeing, academic progress and future success of our students at its core and therefore we were particularly proud of the following statements from Ofsted: “Leaders ensure a strong culture of safeguarding which prioritises the safety of pupils. As a result, pupils feel safe and know how to keep themselves safe, both in the local area and online. Your behaviour logs and incident reports agree with pupils’ view that bullying and prejudicial behaviour is rare in the school and is dealt with effectively. Teachers skilfully develop pupils’ understanding by asking probing questions. As a result, pupils deepen their understanding of challenging concepts…..samples of most-able pupils’ work showed extended writing and deeper analysis in response to challenging teacher comments.”

We know that there are always areas in which we can improve but we are thrilled that Ofsted have endorsed our approach, recognised our successes, confirmed that we are on the right trajectory to take Capital to Outstanding.  This has given us the confidence to continue to strive hard in all these areas because the work we do is having an impact for our young people and in our community.

Please do read the full letter and share our good news with those you know in our local community as we build our Capital Community for the next four years and beyond.

Marianne Jeanes, Principal

The full letter will be published on Ofsted’s website shortly: and can also be downloaded using the link below.

Ofsted Inspection Outcome Letter - March 2019


The Academy’s Trustees, Leadership Team and staff are very ambitious for its students and drive to improve Capital even further. We will build on the many strengths of the Academy which, we believe, provides an exceptional environment for learning and have set out a five year plan from 2015-2020.  This is supported by the Academy's action plan for 2018-20 which is updated termly with progress made and sets out the Academy's current priorities which are:

Leadership and Management: Capital City Academy

  1. Further develop the leadership and management skills of leaders at all levels.
  2. Further develop the positive impact of governance.
  3. Make Capital City Academy the first choice for the local community.

Teaching & Learning and Assessment: Capital Classroom

  1. Improve teaching to outstanding. Ensure all teaching matches that of the best. (Ofsted 2015)
  2. Improve numeracy and literacy skills of students.

Behaviour and Welfare: Capital Community

  1. Improve behaviour to outstanding.
  2. Improve overall attendance and punctuality in all key stages.
  3. Ensure effective careers provision, safeguarding and student wellbeing.

Outcomes: Capital Curriculum

  1. Address areas of underperformance so that progress and achievement are outstanding. (Ofsted 2015)
  2. Ensure work is sufficiently demanding for all, particularly the more able. (Ofsted 2015)

C6: Capital 6

  1. Continue to improve outcomes for 16-19 study programmes.
  2. Make C6 the first choice destination for our Y11 students and external students.