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Exam Results

GCSE results were as follows:


New Government Measures 2016



% A*-C (Eng & Maths) 56%
Attainment 8 Average Total Score 49
Progress 8 score 0.26
% A*-A 15%
% A*-C 60%


Old Government Measures

5+ A*-C (incl Eng & Maths) 51%


Some of our top performers in Year 11 include:

  • Matthew Anderson achieved 7A*, 1A and 2B

  • Bilal Ahmadzai achieved 6A*, 3A and 1B

  • Sier Azizi achieved 8A*, 2A and 1B

  • Noreen Ali achieved 1A*, 7A and 1B

  • Mia Stevens achieved 3A*,5A and 1B

  • Ifrah Yusuf achieved 1A* and 9A

  • Emma Edwards achieved 1A*, 5A, 3B and 1C

  • Jack Batchelor achieved 7A, 4B and 1C

  • Harry Phipps achieved 2A*, 5A and 5B

  • Zaina Qaddoumi achieved 1A*, 8A, 1B and 1C

  • Faisal Sardary achieved 2A*, 7A an 3B

  • Ioana Mischa achieved 1A*, 7A and 4B

  • Efrem Tesfay achieved 4A, 2B, 2C and 1D

Well done to our Year 11 as a year group and to so many doing so well. They have produced some record results and to see so many happy faces this morning was a real pleasure.

Alex Thomas, Principal

Additional Information

2015 % of students achieving the English Bacalaureate 17%
2015 % of students making expected progress 77% in English
66% in Maths


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