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Vision and Values

Capital City Academy will provide an exceptional environment to promote a passion for learning and discovery. We recognise everyone as an individual and our rich community is united in its determination to enable all learners to succeed. At the heart of our achievements will be educating the whole person developing an honest, informed and caring global citizen.

Our Values

  • Determination
  • Empathy
  • Curiosity
  • Integrity

Culture for learning:

A kind purposeful school where everyone feels valued and known and is ready to learn.

Teaching for learning:

A school where students’ desire to learn is met by a passionate commitment of staff to ensure exceptional achievement and development of the whole person.

Resources for learning:

A business-like school characterised by fit for purpose and operational efficiency where resources are allocated in an open and principled way.

Leading for learning:

A confident, self managing and improving school where everyone is an effective learner, able to take responsibility for self and others.