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Capital 6 Dress Code & Use of Technology

At Capital 6 we expect the very best from our students and work hard to ensure that all are challenged and inspired to achieve their full potential. The Academy has decided that our students must be aware of an ever competitive job market and the importance of a good work ethic; therefore Capital 6 has a smart dress code for our sixth formers.

Capital 6 therefore has a smart dress code for post-16 students.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in students being sent to a member of the Capital 6 team so that they can be sent home to change. Students who study at one of our consortium schools must also follow the dress code expectations of sixth formers on their site.

Appropriate for Capital 6 Not Appropriate for Capital 6
Business attire: for example suits;
a blazer; a ‘V’ neck jumper in dark
blue, black, brown or grey.
Any kind of denim, ripped or frayed material,
tracksuit bottoms, leggings, ‘jeggings’.
Smart shoes – in dark colours only –
must be worn.
Tights should be opaque.
Trainers, canvas shoes, flip-flops,
‘sliders’, or any open toed footwear.

Only dark coloured trousers or
smart chino style trousers
are acceptable. Skirts and dresses
should be knee length or below.

Short skirts above the knee, gym shorts.
Smart collared shirts –
plain or simple patterns;
or smart blouses in similar plain
colours or simple patterns.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts,
short cropped tops.
Logos, slogans, branding and overt
political statements are not allowed.

Students who wear a collared
shirt should wear a tie.

Jewellery, make-up, hair colour
and hair styling must not
be deemed excessive.
Patterns should not be
shaved into hairstyles.
Students who are 18 or over
and have tattoos must
ensure that designs are
discreet and inoffensive.

During summer months -
and on days with hot weather -
smart, knee length shorts can be worn
Hats, outside coats, scarves and
hoodies are not allowed in the
Academy building, and are
therefore not to be worn inside.

A Capital City Academy tracksuit
is allowed, for students
studying Sports Studies.
Members of the LSB
Elite Basketball Academy
may wear the official kit.
Shorts can be worn in
the summer months.

Students wishing to wear their own
sportswear for physical activity
must change into the Capital 6
dress code afterwards.

ID Card and lanyard must be
displayed at all times photo 
facing outwards
(to be seen) – this is a legal
safeguarding requirement
(waist ID card holders -
if preferred - can be purchased
from the C6 Office).

The use of mobile phones or
headphones are not to be
used/on display around the
Academy, between 8am until 5pm.

Parents can be assured that appropriate clothing can be purchased affordably from many ‘high street’ stores.

We understand that some students study Sports as their full-time study programme or have a place at one of our Sports Academies. Students are allowed to wear a Capital City Academy tracksuit, with t-shirt etc, or the official LSB Basketball Academy kit. This can be purchased from the Director of Sport or the LSB Basketball Academy; the cost of this in the past has been approximately £120.

Students who are eligible for the 16-19 bursary fund can be provided with this kit as part of their equipment/clothing for their study programme.

A reminder that use of headphones and ear pods are only permitted during independent study in the Capital 6 Study Area or Capital 6 cafe, and therefore should not be used anywhere else around the Academy. The use of mobile phones is not to be permitted in the school building. However on some occasions and with permission from a member of staff may allow technology to be accessed as part of learning time. Calls can be made in a quiet area within the Capital 6 Study Area with the permission of the Capital 6 team.