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Uniform & Equipment

Uniform and Expectations

Arriving in full school uniform helps students feel equal and supports them to be ‘Ready to Learn’. It is expected that uniform expectations apply when students travel to and from the academy, which includes:

  • School blazer with logo
  • School jumper with logo
  • School tie in their year colour
  • Dark blue trousers / skirt (not skinny trousers)
  • Pale blue shirt/blouse (Years 7 & 8)
  • White shirt/blouse (Years 9, 10, 11)
  • PE polo shirt
  • PE tracksuit bottom
  • PE tracksuit jacket
  • Capital school bag (Years 7-9)
  • School bag that can fit an A4 folder (Years 10-11)
  • Dark blue/black outdoor coat
  • Blue/black plain face covering

The academy uniform is supplied by ACE Clothing Company. Uniform can be purchased by visiting their store at: 5a Courtenay Road, East Lane Business Park, East Lane, Wembley, HA9 7ND. Telephone: 020 8045 0296.

Alternatively, an online ordering service is available by clicking on the following link

ACE Clothing website

Uniform that is not permitted includes:

  • Sweatshirts, hoodies, caps or trainers.
  • Excessive make up, at the discretion of the Year Team Leader.
  • Jewellery, including rings, with the exception of a watch.
  • Facial piercings, other than one pair of small gold or silver ear studs.
  • False nails.
  • Hair must be worn in an appropriate style and there should not be any markings cut into the hair, dyed hair or any extreme fashion which would create any undue interest in the student.

Items of clothing that are not part of the school uniform will be confiscated and students arriving in incorrect uniform will be sent to the APS room. If a student is unsure of the uniform and expectations, they should confirm these with their Learning Advisor or Year Team Leader.

The Academy expectations and uniform apply to all students within the Academy, when travelling to or from the Academy and whilst on trips and visits.


Students must bring a minimum of:

  • a clear pencil case to carry their equipment
  • 5 black pens
  • 3 green pens
  • 3 pencils
  • black whiteboard pen
  • rubber
  • ruler
  • maths set
  • a casio scientific calculator
  • Capital bag (Year 7-9)
  • School bag that can fit an A4 folder (Years 10-11)
  • a reading book
  • reading log
  • planner
  • Academy's PE kit
  • exercise books (as per students timetable)

We have an - “On Show Expect To Go” policy on all of the following items:

  • Coats (in the building)
  • Hoodies & sweatshirts
  • Hats
  • Music/game players and earphones
  • Trainers (in the building)
  • Small bags
  • Mobile phones
  • Chewing gum (plus junk food including fizzy and energy drinks and sweets)

Mobile Phones and iPods/Headphones

We know that many young people have mobile phones, however they are easily lost or stolen which can cause upset and wasted time. They can also cause a distraction. Therefore we will be enforcing the school rules which states that mobile phones must be turned off at all times whilst on the school site and any mobile phone OR headphones seen at any time on site will be confiscated. These will be returned to students after school at the end of the prep detention that will be issued if a mobile phone or set of headphones is seen and therefore confiscated.

It is important to note that parents wishing to contact students in case of an emergency can use the school telephone line and a message will be relayed. Contact details for Year Team Leaders can be found HERE. It is also important to note that no responsibility can be taken for students mobile phones whilst on the school site although we will endeavour to keep all students belongings safe.