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Induction into Capital 6 (Year 12 & 13)

Transition to Year 12

Welcome to Capital 6, the Sixth Form at Capital City Academy. The time you spend at Capital 6, often termed Key Stage 5, is crucial in your educational development. This period is the transitional phase between school and university, or school and the workplace. Capital 6 offers a range of study programmes and opportunities for enrichment and personal development that suit the diversity that is reflected in you, our students. Capital 6 will enable you to enter higher education or employment with a high level of academic achievement, broadened perspectives and well-developed organisational skills.

There are a number of reasons why we ask you to take part in the induction programme at Capital 6:

The skills that are required at KS5 are demanding. Study at Capital 6 requires a balanced combination of communication, problem solving, analysis and evaluation;

‘A’ Levels, and BTEC courses are demanding. The induction tasks will help prepare you for the rigours of study at Capital 6; your academic progress will be measured against that of students who are following the same courses as you across the country;

‘A’ Levels are assessed regularly and rigorously, and any need for support is identified quickly. Students who develop the core skills that universities are looking for will achieve well in ‘A’ Levels. If you are studying BTEC, you will be required to meet unit deadlines throughout the year. Time management is essential, and begins from the very first day of your time at Capital 6.

You will need to work hard continuously, developing your skills and abilities and therefore realising and unlocking your potential. Completion of the induction task in all your chosen subjects is compulsory for all the year 12 students who will be studying here. Today’s induction day will also provide you with an insight into the expectations, experiences and opportunities here at Capital 6 and will give you the best possible start to your studies in September.

Please click on the link below to view or download a copy of this years Induction Task booklet for Year 11s going into Year 12.

Year 12 Induction Task Booklet - Summer 2017

Transition to Year 13

As you have no doubt established by now, making the step up from one qualification to another is never easy and the same is true for moving up from year 12 into year 13, whether you are continuing with your A-Levels or the challenges of Vocational qualifications.  In addition, year 13 comes with the pressure of being the role models for the school, the students whom everyone else looks up to as an example of how to act, learn and approach work. 

To help with this step, you have three weeks of dedicated teaching at the end of year 12 which will get you started on your year 13 courses.  Your teachers will help you to make a smooth transition into the topics and practices needed to succeed in your final year at Capital 6.

Please click on the links below to view or download the individual Induction Tasks you are expected to completed independently over the summer break.

Art (CLE)

Art (MPA)


English Literature






Philosophy & Ethics




BTEC Business

BTEC Health & Social Care

UAL Art & Design

VTCT Sport


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